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Helping The People

Relationship Based Home Buying & Selling With A Socially Conscious Purpose


"Support Our Veterans" Program Financially Helps Vets & DOESN'T Need Donations!

Helping The People is a socially conscious real estate company & home resource center which matches Home Buyers & Sellers with their Preferred Realtors & 25% of the commission is donated to their "Support Our Veterans" program.  Now, people can feel good about their contributions to Vets & they never have to donate

VoyagePhoenix Magazine - August 16, 2018

Meet Michele Swinick of Helping The People

Michele shares her story, struggles, how "Support Our Veterans" program was created and why EVERYONE should HIRE their Preferred Realtors when Buying or Selling their home...oh, and why the Everything Home Podcast needs to be one of your favorites!


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Deep Sea Valkyries is providing Alternative Treatments for PTSD to our selected Veterans

Nonprofit Organizations Partnering  Together To Help VETERANS and ELIMINATING the need for DONATIONS!

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Our program is built on the concept of nonprofit partnerships & the community working in cooperation

Our program and platform is built on the concept of nonprofits, small businesses, companies, the community and stakeholders working in a partnership to solve a common problem but not requiring them to spend any money they didn't already intend to or add a service they didn't already want.

PRESS RELEASE: 7/12/18 - Socially Conscious Real Estate

Nonprofit Organization with a Pioneering Platform that NEVER Requires Any Donations

SCOTTSDALE, AZ (JULY 12, 2018) – Helping The People, an innovative nonprofit real estate company and home resource center, recently announced the launch of its Support Our Veterans program in Phoenix and San Diego. This free service matches home buyers and sellers with Preferred Realtors, with each resulting sale or purchase having 25% of the participating Realtor’s commission automatically donated to the program. This self-sustaining and socially conscious platform enables the consumer to financially support Veterans without requiring any out-of-pocket cash expenses, it simply requires home buyers and sellers to be conscious of their choices and buying decisions.

“We created this program as a way for Americans to honor the men and women of the United States Military and their families for their service to our nation and the sacrifices they’ve made. By simply selecting to work with a Preferred Realtor from our network, home buyers and sellers can feel good about their contributions to supporting Vets,” said Michele Swinick, CEO and Founder of Helping the People.  

The donated funds financially assist Veterans in three ways: firstly, by helping Veterans with homebuying expenses such as closing costs; secondly, by providing funds for necessary home modifications for bathrooms and kitchens for those Vets with service-connected injuries; and lastly, by providing alternative treatments for conditions commonly experienced by Veterans like PTSD. 

The financial support the Support Our Veterans program offers is undeniably needed by the Veteran community. Recent statistics reveal that of the 20.4 million Veterans, 3.3 million have served since September 11, 2001 (Post-9/11 Veterans) – and just over 47% of these Vets are under the age of 35, and unfortunately, 36% report a service-connected disability. Additionally, there are currently 5.5 million military caregivers and approximately 1300 military service members, spouses, and children that transition into civilian communities each day. 

Despite the need, there is a relatively small amount of direct support being provided. For example, in 2016 the total giving to U.S. charitable organizations was $390.05 billion yet only $2.5 billion (.641%) of funds were earmarked for military-related causes. “We felt we needed to find a way to support Veterans in a way which just made good business sense. Saying “Thank you for your service” and typing #SupportOurVeterans doesn’t solve the many challenges our nation’s heroes struggle with every day. Our program allows home buyers and sellers to support Vets without taking dollars out of their pocket. And they benefit by working with some of the most respected Realtors in their community- so it becomes a win-win from the consumer’s vantage point,” said Swinick. 

The Support Our Veterans Preferred Realtors are hand-selected on an invite only basis. In order to qualify for consideration, the Realtor must be within the top 1-5% and must complete a rigorous vetting process. “We have first-hand relationships with each agent in the program. They are much more than statistics, taglines, or even a large team. They offer experience, expertise, honesty, and most importantly, they produce results for our clients, our brand mission, and ultimately, the Vets we serve,” said Swinick.

To complement and support the program, Helping the People has also recently launched its podcast “Everything Home”. The podcast provides a platform and resource whereby the local community can learn from, interact with, and support “Good people, doing Good business and Good things”. “Within the context of the podcast, we realize that a person’s home is so much more than a place to live and as such, we’re redefining the meaning of the word. Your ‘Home’ is the foundation for everything in your life – from the structure and contents, to what goes on inside and within yourself. Guests include our Expert Contributors as well as other subject matter experts and the topics range from home improvement, health, wellness, and inspiration, to small business services, nonprofits, and much more,” said Swinick. 

Helping the People has also partnered with many well-known websites and brands including Houzz, Cost Plus World Market, Travelocity, StubHub, Rodan+Fields Skincare, MLBShop.com, AmericanFlags.com, and SuzanneSomers.com, to encourage a wider audience to participate in Supporting Our Veterans and provides another opportunity to change a Veteran’s life – without requiring any personal donations. When anyone clicks on their banners and links, 2% to 30% of their total purchase is donated by these companies to the Support Our Veterans program.

About Helping the People

Innovative real estate platform which allows the community to identify and help their own members, eliminates the obstacles and excuses for why people don’t participate or give and provides an alternative to fundraisers and donations. Their clients and supporters become a part of their unique community. The organization is committed to changing the life of Veterans, while improving the home buying and selling experience. To learn more about the Preferred Realtors network, visit HelpingThePeople.org or call 833-694-6636 (833-MY HOME 6). To view partner product websites visit EverythingHomePodcast.com/Buy-Now-Products and EverythingHomePodcast.com to experience the movement and listen to podcast episodes.

Media Contacts: 

Michele Swinick, Helping The People, michele@helpingthepeople.org 602-885-7607

Rhonda Moret, r3 communications, rmoret@r3communications.biz 602-363-1286

Hire our Preferred Realtors to Buy & Sell your Home & they donate to " Support Our Veterans" program

Hire our Preferred Realtors to Buy & Sell your Home & they donate to " Support Our Veterans" program

RADIO SHOW APPEARANCE: 3/25/18 - 960am "The Patriot" KKNT

Bob Massi - The Property Man & Fox News Legal Analyst on 960am "The Patriot" with Michele Swinick

BOB MASSI "The Property Man" & Fox Legal Analyst is our Special Guest!

WE'VE TAKEN OUR SHOW ON THE ROAD...to RADIO!  The "Everything Home Podcast" with Host Michele Swinick makes a Special Appearance on 960am "The Patriot" KKNT Phoenix - "Arizona Real Estate Matters", and is joined by their Lead Expert Contributor - BOB MASSI!

Michele discusses Helping The People's "Homes For Veterans" program.  They're a Real Estate Company, Home Resource Center and Nonprofit that's disrupting the Home Buying & Selling Experience by providing Relationship-Based Real Estate with a Socially Conscious Purpose.

Bob Massi, "The Property Man" & Fox Legal Analyst is our SPECIAL GUEST!  He shares his opinion on the real issues with the nationwide real estate market and what you need to know when buying a home & hiring a Realtor.  Bob is an Expert Contributor for the "Everything Home Podcast."



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